Decoding digital to transform industry

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worth of design risk mitigated by our Digital twin solution on one project in the Middle East.


kilometers of pipeline we're upgrading as part of National Grid's digital transformation project.

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We are decoding digital transformation

Digitalisation has the power to transform industry and deliver the energy and materials that the world needs efficiently, effectively and environmentally.

At Wood, we combine design, data and digital expertise with delivery to realise value for our clients across the asset life cycle. We enable them to overcome their most pressing challenges and prepare for the next wave of advancement in digitalisation: autonomous operations.

Start your digitalisation journey

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We focus on what matters most to our clients

Our market leading digitalisation offering is underpinned by our world-renowned engineers and consultants and their deep domain expertise. Through our ability to design and deliver complex facilities across the energy and materials markets, we know how to build the right digital strategy and integrate the right digital solutions for our clients.

We have five core digital solutions that we can activate across the entire life cycle, to drive performance through data-driven insights, extend the life of assets and accelerate the energy transition.

We have the solutions

Asset health
Asset Health Icon

Extending your assets through real-time data-driven insights

Decarbonisation Icon

Accelerating the energy transition

Digital twin
Digital twin Icon

Bringing certainty to design

Process optimisation
Process Optimisation Icon

Optimising resources

Systems integration
Systems Integration Icon

Architects of our clients' digital ecosystem

In-house capabilities

At Wood, we have best-in-class capabilities that strengthen the delivery of our digital solutions by drawing on a breadth of deep domain data and digital expertise, delivering across the asset life cycle.

Digital operations

Maximising value and performance

Our operational consultants provide strategic direction to design and guide our clients to run their assets more safely and efficiently with the optimal digital roadmap that will maximize their value and performance.

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Systems integration

Connected digital ecosystem

As one of the world’s largest system integrators, we use data and digital road-mapping to select and connect digital infrastructure, systems and controls to build an innovative and connected digital ecosystem that automates, optimises and maximises the value of our clients’ assets across their entire life cycle.

Intelligent assets

Smarter, stronger assets

Leveraging real-time data from digital infrastructure and processes, we make assets more efficient, increasing output, reducing maintenance and production costs, increasing safety, and achieving sustainability goals through decarbonisation solutions, while extending the life of the assets.

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Digital solutions

Enabling autonomous and remote operations

Our five core digital solutions target our clients most critical challenge areas from enabling autonomous and remote operations to driving performance and delivering on their sustainability goals.

Kick off your digitalisation journey

Get in touch with us, and one of our consultants will get back to you shortly.

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We have the track record

  • undefined IrisEdge-Robot.webp
    Case study
    Wood cuts methane emissions on platform with new technology - Iris Edge
    Iris Edge is the worlds fastest and most accurate methane deection tool using colour coded methane intensity software and 3D models helps our clients elminiate penalties quickly in under 24 hours from detection to repair. We are helping our cleints deliver effective carbon management solutions to support a net zero future.
  • undefined GettyImages-961957136.webp
    Case study
    Iris Edge pilot study
    Wood saves clients millions in estimated Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) penalties with the latest in 3D sensor methane mapping technology.
  • undefined Optimiser_sweden_banner.jpg
    Case study
    Optimiser Sweden
    Case study of Optimiser LIDAR technology on Sweden wind farm
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German Carmona
President of Digital Consulting
Shaun Johnston     
Vice President of Digital Technology
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